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Insur-ONLINE has developed a pioneer platform allowing full digitalization of insurance operations, which reduces radically the internal costs, improve the quality of service through the intensive use of technology and improves segmentation and product development using data intelligence.

It connects extensively through web services to integrate all suppliers of business, underwriting capacity and services with a single central platform. Insurance companies focusing on the Development of a comprehensive digital strategy will greatly benefit from our solution. It will vastly improve and accelerate the process of change.

One of the most innovative Insur-tech

Selected as one of the top 100 most innovative InsurTech companies in the world.

Trusted by Leading Companies: Our Partnerships Speak for Themselves

The customer is our priority. We offer the best solutions:

Business Intelligence

Sales data, market trends... our platform empowers organizations to uncover hidden patterns, identify emerging opportunities, and make data-driven strategic decisions.

Product Factory Platform

Streamlined Production, Enhanced Collaboration, Improved Visibility and Tracking, Automation and Efficiency, Quality Control and Compliance...

Multichannel Distribution

Expand your reach, increase sales, and provide convenience to customers through multiple distribution channels.

Claims Management

Efficiently manage claims and enhance customer satisfaction. Deliver exceptional service and convenience.

IT Platforms

Transform your business operations with our comprehensive multichannel IT platform service.

Predictive Models

Gain actionable insights and make informed decisions with our multichannel predictive models service.

Big Data Analytics

Unlock the full potential of your data with our multichannel big data analytics service.

Fraud Detection

Utilize advanced algorithms and data analytics across online platforms, mobile apps, and transactional systems to identify and prevent fraudulent behavior in real-time.

Portfolio Retention

Utilize online platforms, personalized messaging, and targeted campaigns to proactively engage and retain your valuable clients.

Artificial Intelligence

Harness the power of AI across online platforms, mobile apps, and integrated systems to drive intelligent automation, advanced analytics, and personalized experiences.

Dynamic Pricing

Seamlessly implement dynamic pricing across online platforms, mobile apps, and retail systems to maximize revenue and adapt to market fluctuations.

Market Research

Utilize diverse data sources, including online platforms, surveys, and industry reports, to gain a comprehensive understanding of your target market.

Thinking of ideas

Insur-online digital platform works as a Software as a Service (SaaS). 

A cloud-based software delivery model in which Insur-ONLINE develops and maintains cloud application software, provides automatic software updates, and makes software available to its customers via the internet on a pay-as-you-go basis.

We are proud to use this SaaS model in businesses of all sizes and industries.

We developed a pioneer platform allowing full digitalization of insurance operations, which drastically reduces internal costs and improve the quality of service through technology.

We deliver customer-centric technological service with profitability focus, executed on B2C, B2B and Analog level.

We simplify business transactions to get a better customer experience.

Not only that, but we create new values with knowledge management in Risk Underwriting and InsurTech.

Our company's expertise in both technology and IT sets us apart. This enables us to develop a highly adaptable platform that meets the evolving needs of the insurance industry. Our customizable solution seamlessly integrates with existing systems, making it versatile for businesses of all sizes. It is accessible to all players in the insurance industry, ensuring that everyone can benefit from its advantages.

Insur-Online has several opportunities to capitalize on:

  1. The industry's digitization trend presents a chance for Insur-Online to establish itself as an innovative and technologically advanced company, meeting the growing demand for digital insurance solutions.
  2. Existing strategic partnerships with industry players provide opportunities to reduce costs, enhance credibility, and strengthen Insur-Online's market position.
  3. Insur-Online's expertise in niche markets,  positions the company to tap into the growth of these markets. This offers a chance to differentiate from competitors and develop specialized insurance products for these specific niches.


If you are an insurance company willing to develop a digital insurance strategy, please contact us.


We foster a culture of continuous learning and knowledge sharing, empowering our partners to stay ahead of the competition and drive innovation.

Customer experience

We prioritize delivering exceptional customer experiences. Through our meticulous attention to detail and customer-centric approach.


By joining us, companies gain access to advanced analytics capabilities, including predictive modelling, trend analysis, and actionable insights that will help you.


By joining us, companies can leverage our product to enhance their operations, streamline processes, and deliver exceptional value to their customers.

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